Our mission

Education is the key element of our future. In the 21st century, the ability to adapt to change will be one of the most important skills. Our mission is to develop digital skills and promote better use of modern technology in various areas of life.
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What are we doing

APEL was established in 2001 as a civic association, which supports the use of information and communication technologies in addressing societal challenges on a non-commercial basis and in the public interest, especially in the field of public administration, education, and health. The research activities are financed by the association from both public and private sources. The strong point of the association is the multidisciplinary nature of the activities, which, however, are connected mainly by the use of ICT.


Call for Papers for ITAPA Conference 2021

Let people know about your ideas!

ITAPA offers you a unique opportunity to present your successful project or an ambitious idea in the field of digital technologies.
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The Effective Slovakia project shows the first outputs

Does the Banská Bystrica region manage the allocated funds effectively? Does the Košice Region spend too much money on road management compared to their actual quality? How does the Nitra Region approach environmental protection in its territory? To what extent and how effectively does the Žilina Region affect the educational level of its inhabitants? What is the budget balance of the Prešov Region over the past decade? What can the Trenčín region do to increase road safety in its administration? Compared to other regions, does the Trnava region spend sufficient resources in the field of education?
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Project AIM

The ontological map of open data, which analyzes data sources in order to identify logical objects in texts, such as a chemical substance or a genetic mutation.

PC Maturita

Training of high school students in the field of computer literacy.

ITAPA Events

The largest Slovak IT conference connects the worlds of IT, industry, and public administration.


Do you want to work with us? Are you a non-profit organization that wants to collaborate on a project in the field of information technology, education or health? Are you interested in one of our existing projects and want to join it?